Cali-Style Burritos, Fresh Tacos & Other Stuff to Love.

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The go-to for hungry surfers, but loved by all. So what sets a Cali-Style Burrito apart from others? Well, no rice or beans for starters-it's gotta have fries. Toss in perfectly-grilled

Gotta Have Fries

carne asada, fresh guac & pico, finish it with cheese-now you've got it. But Juicy's goes one further-we grill your 'rrito to a crispy, melty thing of tasty perfection.

Why Juicy's?
So Glad you Asked.

Our namesake is the classiest English Bulldog to ever snort-and-nuzzle. She was a tiny, three-legged dynamo who lived life to it's fullest-an infamous Hermosa Beach-bum, total foodie & loyal friend.

Juicy's is about savoring the moment-recognizing what truly matters. Good friends. Good food. Great times.

Welcome to Juicy's